Yardsticks & Adventures

The more we cloak our divinity, the dimmer that spark becomes. If we choose to shape our lives according to the lesser amount of light, rather than the boundless amount of light from the source, this becomes the yardstick by which all our experiences are measured.

-‘The Secret Power of Yoga’ [book]
Nischala Joy Devi


Came across this old post & wanted to revisit this old quote that I value so much.


I had not actually published the quote because the post itself was unfinished. But I realize now that it was meant to be for me to have a beautiful reminder of how I truly see the world.


I have noticed that people generally always accept others’ perspectives as their own views without giving a small rebellious ‘Well, is that really the only way to see this?’. That there is this forbidding energy to truly disagree with someone.

Well how did we learn anything ever, if we hold so much fear of expressing how we truly see the world?  Where did we go wrong with ourselves that we slowly lost our voice or never found it?

And this isn’t my way of saying ‘Well you should always make every conversation a debate now!!’. No.

It’s most important to address this question within our own mind complexes and see if just agreeing to disagreeing is a pre-programmed quality of our personality.  Because the way another sees the world is perfectly good but is it a good & quality conversation if there is no offering of a countering perspective?

So then at this point, during my own inner dialogue, I would ask myself: “So is this how I measure the world now? How I measure everything? I understand this person and I love this person but what am I telling myself when I don’t at least offer a sincere and compassionate truth of how I measure the world; so this person may see outside their own box.”


This is where it became truly interesting.

At this point: I endeavored on an adventure to explore the hidden treasures of my own mind.

I took it personally that I didn’t really know if all the repeated rhetoric and memorized expressions on my face or these reocurring words were my own.

I wanted to really know that when I spoke, I really did mean what I said.

So for a long time, I didn’t have much of an opinion because I didn’t really think it was a matter of what I actually chose to believe but what I truly had experienced my entire life.

In a way, this was the very wisest decision that I had ever made for myself. In that I endeavored to give a more authentic and sincere version of myself to others.

No matter of how raw.

No matter of how rough.

No matter of how brash.

I endeavored to deliver myself…



I have concluded that you cannot have Yardsticks to measure until you have had Adventures to experience why you use those certain Yardsticks.  In a way I’m saying, “Experience is the best teacher.” but what I am also alluding to is that you must take all your Adventures and see why you must constuct new Yardsticks to measure the world and people in your life.

Make Yardsticks that measure true to how you see and make them detailed works of art, so that when you speak of them: Others can see why you use those Yardsticks.  Despite how many experiences I have; I revisited the Adventure(s) repeatedly to bring myself to a higher level of awareness and deeper understanding.


Dearest Man

Dearest Man,

There was a time that you had power over my body, it had detrimental damage to my spirit.  There was a moment in space that shook my entire being, it had troubled my mind for most of my life.  That ghost of a child has been fulfilled with solutions to my damaged soul. It was Woman that saved me.
Dearest Man: You ask me why I do not trust you? Because your initial violence, at such an early stage in my life, handicapped my ability to feel any kind of safety.  You ask me why I argue with you? Because my beginnings with you were that of the scars that I daringly show now.
Please save your apologies Man, that is not what healed me.  For Woman’s loving kindness & magical energetic healing is what changed my entire soul.  My world was protected & survived by Woman, not by your “strong arms” Man.
Dearest Man: You are strong without discipline; a villainous, lunatic superman.  Your muscles did not cradle me but they shook my body, spirit & mind in all ways to break it; but the Goddess would have it differently within me than what your destructive strength would have had.  Goddess would save me with the magical creatures called Woman.

Unfortunately for you, all that fear is gone now.  Now it’s just a part of my story & I am not keeping it like a secret anymore because I don’t have to.

The Newborn that you Shook Violently

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