Bio: WARNING: If you found this blog in pursuit of more knowledge about 'dogs', you are in the wrong place. Yes, I understand you are probably quite irritated but that's what this warning is for. So please refrain from reading further, if you are looking for the real Fido, because he is not here. This blog has been thought of and created solely for a benefit of inspiration, motivation and a progress tracking in my life events and to create an example for others to learn from & to come to a realization that they are not experiencing these very same life & self-identity crises, etc. alone. There are many discussions to be had, that no one is very willing to initiate or no one has the capacity to come full-frontal with. Fido is my identity and it is how I prefer everyone to know me. Knowing me personally is not necessary because what I will be discussing will be the reason why you relate to me, not because of who I am. Identifying who I am will not be necessary, in order for you to truly know me. If you take the time to read & invest in comments of discussion, it's purely up to you. You will know me best of all through the conversations we have; not from a picture you see or a name you remember. You will know me through my words and not from my face. This blog is to be an epitome of thought-provoking posts and this is meant to have discussions about the things that matter. Too much, are we fed with the deafening sounds, images and information that we don't need to retain. I also chose the name/subject 'Fido is Lost' because it correlates with the image of the traditional, domesticated dog, getting lost away from home. His/Her name is Fido and they are a "good dog" and they are kind, loyal, perpetually happy & fun-loving dog they are supposed to be. Well, Fido is Lost now. Fido can not find his way home. Fido runs, this way & that way. But he can not find that warm home he used to know. This blog will tell a story of my life. A story of experiences that many people, if you removed every single identifying trait; up to & including their name - would be able to relate to every detail in these experiences. I am Fido. I am finding my way Home & I have an irrestible urge, to invite you on this journey. I'm in a hot-police chase-pursuit, to the discovery & the understanding of the many events that toss & turn all of our lives. Would you like to come too?

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