My Vairagya

Experience: Vairagya
Remembering the Self

“With constant Remembrance of the Self, Vairagya, all yearnings fade.”

“Sanskrit, the language of the sutras, is particularly well suited to this heart-centered approach because it is vibrational language, on win which words resonate through countless layers of meaning. When this powerful vibrational language is translated literally into a very logical and straightforward language like English, many of its subtleties may be lost. The strength of the English language lies in precise, concrete explanations. It is less powerful when describing the subtler realms, the unite of the feminine and the masculine, and especially the intuitive realm.”

-‘The Secret Power of Yoga’ Nischala Joy Devi


While partially integrating the Experience of Vairagya, as instructed on pages 49-50 [The Secret Power of Yoga], I realized that the English language was the limit that I have had this whole time. The poetic & beautiful are ambiguous, along with the spiritual & divine. With a language that has been described to be so linear, it only makes sense that it was so very difficult for me to make it back home; to remember myself.

         While I attempted to write this essay, I had a discussion with my boyfriend [Chris]. As it goes below:

I asked, “How are we to know what we are learning is a correct interpretation?”

He replied with concern, “That’s life. It’s about interpretation.”
I countered with, “It just goes to show that most books are psychology.”
Chris explained, “Most books are stories.”.

        With that, I understood that Remembering The Self, is your own story. It all becomes blurry as we grow from infant to about twenty years old and most times: beyond that. There is a curious thought that I can not actually word. Why is that? I have adequately understood that it is because of the language that I’ve been taught. There is no mystery within my rational language. It’s limited the vision & ideas we have from day one. I have come to realize that the very language I am using to create an understanding, is inadequate for the feeling that I experience when Remembering Myself.

I have realized that my psychology was trained into me. I have been taught to use my mind so much, that I easily forget my heart’s divine expression. I have not lost it, just ex-communicated it. This exercise has created a doorway of truth because it is not so precise. It has unbound the attachment to precision that I have always had held so intimately. I don’t feel that it’s necessary to be so very meticulous within our minds & instead, give ourselves permission to roam, liberated from the judgements of the world because there are so many. The judgments so overwhelmingly large, that it might drive us in insane, if I do not release the desires of what I have been taught. The yearnings I have been taught to hold so dearly within.

When I learned Vairagya, I released the ideas that were impressed upon me from birth till this very day at twenty-six years old. So beginning at the source of all my learning is my language. No fault of mine, I have been taught ‘How to Learn’. In that limitation, I did not decide how to learn. There is nothing inherently evil about this discovery. The discovery is the solution to my complex process of thoughts. I am limited by the language that was taught to me. In being taught this, I have learned a specific avenue of learning, despite how precise: it does not remedy all the over avenues that I have yet to discover……so I will now be an adventurer.


This is my Vairagya





©Copyright 2016


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