A True Practice

“Seekers who believe they must practice yoga only in the meditation room are under a great illusion. They must practice yoga in society as well.  Practicing yoga in the meditation room is easy because there are no external disturbances but one encounters many disturbances while practicing yoga in society, which makes it very difficult. A true yogi/ni is one who can successfully protect his/her mental steadiness while in society.”

-‘Sayings of Swami Kripalu’ [book]


One of a thousand reasons that I began my Yogic Journey: I wanted to learn how to keep my “cool”.  I have always been known as the one in my family who (as they so nicely stated it) was/is always the fire ball.  Now that does serve me in times that require a lot of zeal & passion, so I admire that trait of mine.  There were the moments when I lost my cool and it didn’t turn out well. I wanted to learn myself, therefore I would build awareness to benefit my social interactions.

        It became a point where I would spark an attitude with anything that I did not agree with.  This is when I realized there was a rolling snowball effect of a problem.  Aimlessly, I tumbled down the frozen mountain of my ever-untouchable acceptance.  Even building onto the wrecking ball of anxiety that threatened to destroy my inner peace any moment.  I resonate with this quote from Swami Kripalu because I should not be carrying the moment-to-moment emotions that fluctuate so heavily.  Those emotions eventually become the very muscle tension that is held within my body because of my nervous system does not know how to turn itself off.

        Also as a community, it’s important to walk our talk & practice what we preach.  If I am going to be a successful Yoga Teacher, there is a necessity for reform of my over zealous attitude.  I have a long journey and I don’t believe practicing yoga ends at my cushioned mat.  As much as I do accept that I am human and still have raw emotions, I can still remember the unsettled emotions that rumbled in my eyes from a year ago.  As much as I know that the Hindu Goddess Kali [energy] is a necessity, one of war & fire; I have learned that I also retain the Hindu Goddess Parvati [energy] that is one of discipline & yogic commitment. I believe what you learn on the mat should be projected into the world through an individual expression of it.  To overcome the stereotype that women are only just meek or maniac is what I strive for.  I am seeking a prime expression of my divine soul to showcase to all women that we are more than what we are labeled as.


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