Only five letters.

Of such incredible power.

The spirit behind the entire word.

It can bring your universe together,

Or blow your world apart.
A promise made,

Only three words create.
The detrimental,



marvelous grandeur in this single vessel.
Single words alone cannot be coherent.

Only with the lesson of loneliness,

Would a spirit truly understand this.
Because there is a place,

That not many wander to purposely.


       With much thought engendered this poem/riddle. Most at a young age won’t come to undersand the greatness behind this poem. Thus, it’s up to those who do, to set the example of what it’s like to feel there & to truly be present in the situations that we promised we would.

     It takes courage to continue on as the person that I see myself as in the future. It’s not easy continuing to watch people pull themselves down into oblivion of no-returns. How do you teach a person that they deserve better without getting angry? 

  1. You release all ownership of the gifts you give because once they were only a blessing to you.
  2. You purge the brainwashed idea of entitlement, as if you are owed anything.
  3. You remind yourself that you also one day will need support & blessings. Karma works like that,
  4. You MUST WALK YOUR TALK. Teach everyone by making an example of your life.

     I believe the most tremendous obstacle & biggest lesson that we, as a human race, must learn is to humble ourselves & stop with the ego trips because it’s unattractive & a waste of the life you are living.  Life is built on servitude & joy. You do not have joy without some type of servitude. If you believe otherwise, you are a fool & have a whole lotta learning to do.


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