Choice, Chance & Challenge

      I have been contemplating the Chances & Challenges that are presented to us throughout our lives. Also in every morning that we wake…..that for an instance: we have a Choice of whether it shall be a Chance or a Challenge to live our lives.

     It’s an important reminder, that we always forget. Not as if we take life for granted on purpose but more importantly that we do not know the value of life & waking up every morning with every ability to pursue our dreams and we do not. – It’s so vital that we bring ourselves back to the peaceful decision of seeing our every single morning as a Chance to face our Challenges.

     If we refuse to see the world as a singular Chance; we shall be consumed by our Challenges and Consequently consumed by our misery. – ‘Why is ‘misery’ crossed-out?’, you contemplate curiously. Well, because it has no real place in this entire message that I have to motivate you ;).

     That is the morale of this blog. – For quite sometime I have lost my own Motivation. Not intentional but a necessity to re-discover the importance of writing, the person I am, of who I want to be and of my intuitive connection with my own spirit. — It’s been a truly divine ride in the past two years that I have not posted.

      When you see “divine ride”, I am sure you are imagining a thrilling & exciting turn of events but that would not be the case at all. I have since then: had my world crushed, my ideals diminished, my moral shredded & my identity utterly reduced to that of only the insecurities I had. Every aspect of who I imagined/saw in my mirror had been revealed as truly an imagined cartoon. It took more than a cartoon of who I was to hold the weight of family stress, family strife, spiritual transformation & mental rehabilitation as I did.

“On the road to Transformation, everything you know around you & inside of you MUST be destroyed before anything new can be created.”

     Take into perspective that in order to restrain your own ego, you must reside in a neutral ground (even as traumatic as life can be) and proceed with the strength of neutrality because you are simply in a “Life Building Moment”. It not only builds you. It builds the skills, techniques & wisdoms that you will absolutely need after this/that moment has passed.

           In an instance of my own life: neutral strength overwhelmed me when the goal of my actions were much more grand compared to my own selfish needs to be emotionally satisfied. — My sister was hospitalized for 2 months because of a brain infection…..and then the love, care, security & responsibility of my niece was mine; this goal was far more grand, than that of satisfying my own emotions. I do not have my own children but I would not allow my emotions to be the controlling factor in this defining moment of my character. — The Strength of Neutrality aided me beyond what I had realized in that time. This was a Life Building Moment for me.

    On the other hand, if you refuse to build your strength of neutrality then you are forever condemning your intelligence to stagnant. The mind thrives in conditions that require it to be used although the passion in your spirit will fade when your mind ignores the moments that can build you.

     In conclusion: you will see what I say here to be true. If you are in the midst of a ‘Life Building Moment’, then you will not agree.